Private Sessions

Is your body automatically defaulting into a lacking shrunken posture? Are you experiencing pain or strain as an obstacle for moving in your everyday activities? Do you want to become stronger and increase your mobility? Or do you perhaps want to learn how to handstand?

If you are answering yes to any of the questions above, are curious about the Bowspring method, or just want to dive deeper in your already existing practice, come try a session with me.

A session is usually around an hour long. We assess your postural alignment and the impact it can have on your body; if there are any imbalances and compensational patterns that can be reduced. You will be taught some simple techniques and exercises to, ultimately, improve your overall health and to be able to enjoy movements to the fullest.

If needed, we apply some simple massage techniques or manipulations to release deeper tension. The sessions vary depending on your needs.

Price: 650 SEK

Contact me if you’re interested and to book an appointment: