In my classes I will guide you through the elemental Bowspring forms – focusing on the curvy and functional alignment used for the five sub systems (heart, wings, roots, spools, crown). By engaging the whole body at once and bringing a pulse into our movements, we lengthening fascia and strengthening stabilizing muscles on all sides of the body. Add an open minded, inviting attitude and conscious breathing to create balance for both the body, mind, and heart. For the more experienced practitioner challenging poses such as balances, back bends, and inversions will be offered. Play is always encouraged – ultimately it’s your practice, and you have to enjoy it.

Drop-In Schedule

Bowspring Level 1 Tuesdays 19.15-20.15
Bowspring Level 1 Thursdays 07.00-08.00

Location: Yos Yoga, Katarina bangata 21, Stockholm.
For more info, prices and to book, visit

Bowspring Level 1-2 Sundays 10.00-11.15

inBloom, Östgötagatan.22, Stockholm (fall 2019, starting Aug 25th)

Drop-In: 180:- SEK (cash or Swish)
5 times: 800:- SEK
10 times: 1 450:- SEK

To book a Sunday class, click here. If you want to purchase a punch card, send me an email.

Private Sessions

Is your body automatically defaulting into a lacking shrunken posture? Are you experiencing pain or strain as an obstacle for moving in your everyday activities? Do you want to become stronger and increase your mobility? Do you want to learn how to handstand?

If you are answering yes to any of the questions above, are curious about the Bowspring method, or just want to dive deeper in your already existing practice, come try a session with me. Bowspring is a fundamental philosophy of how to live and use your body in everyday life. A postural alignment practice which encourages you to embrace the natural curvature of the spine and work with myofascial tensegrity for healthy, balanced and functional movements.

A session is around 45 minutes long. We look at your postural alignment and how it possibly affects your daily living. See if there are imbalances and compensations that your body might hold, and how you can improve your physical and mental quality to enjoy movements to the fullest.

If needed, we apply some simple massage techniques or manipulations to release deeper tension. The sessions vary depending on your needs.

Price: 600 SEK

Contact me if you’re interested and to book an appointment: