A little about me

I am a body lover and movement enthusiast. My passion lies in helping you to increase your body awareness so you can connect to the joy of sensing and moving your body to its fullest potential.

I teach the Bowspring method – a fundamental philosophy of how to live and use your body in everyday life. It is a postural alignment practice which encourages you to embrace the natural curvature of the spine and work with myofascial tensegrity for healthy, balanced and functional movements. The Bowspring has helped me to heal from physical injuries as well as emotional hardships.

The love for using and understanding my body led me to study movement and anatomy. I homed in on contemporary dance, later graduating from the University of Dance and Circus in my hometown of Stockholm. During my years as a dancer I came across like a million of different movement modalities and ideas on “how to move your body through space”. Super inspiring indeed. When the magic of Bowspring came into my life it was as if all the pieces fell into place.

The Bowspring method applies principles that give us functional and healthy bodies – with a lifted yet grounded quality in our movements. The body is one big mass – it’s all functioning in one integrated system, so we simply need to treat it like one. Through my teachings and coaching I offer a practice focused on awareness, strength, expansion and control in the movements. I want to create that powerful feeling of owning your body, being proud of it, and using it to its fullest potential. In my classes you can expect to sweat, bounce and play. Lets discover by doing. Come play. Stay wild. Always with a curious mind and soft heart.


< SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Salzburg, 2008-2010
< University of Dance and Circus, BA Dance & Performance, Stockholm, 2010-2013
< Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function, Stockholm, September 2018
< Physiotherapy, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, current

Bowspring Trainings

< Weekend Workshop w/ Desi Springer & John Friend, Victoria BC, August 2016
< The Roots: 4 week series w/ Jonathan Boyd, Victoria BC, spring 2017
< Immersion w/ Jonathan Boyd, Victoria BC, June 2017
< Weekend Workshop w/ Desi Springer & John Friend, Edinburg, July 2017
< Spring Load Teachers Training, Denver CO, November 2017
< Weekend Workshop w/ Desi Springer & John Friend, Copenhagen, July 2018
< Weekend Workshop w/ Megan Panchinin, Aarhus, January 2019
< European Teachers Summit, Munich, January 2019
< Weekend Workshop w/ Desi Springer & John Friend, Copenhagen, May 2019
< Online Training w/ John Friend, August 2019