About Bowspring

Bowspring is a new methodology of mindful movement medicine. Bowspring aligns with modern day science and anatomy to create a functional and dynamic postural form. The Bowspring template aligns the natural curvature of the spine – working to bring our bodies back into their most healthy and optimally fit form. Bowspring keeps your pelvis untucked and maintains your natural lumbar curve. It builds back body strength – in the glutes, hamstrings, and spine. Full body mindfulness and muscle awareness creates a mentally stimulating, dynamic, fluid, curvy, and fun practice.

The Bowspring method was created in 2012 by Desi Springer who developed the method together with John Friend. Between 2013 – 2015, Desi Springer and John Friend teamed up to teach over 90 seminars together on the Bowspring throughout North America, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. Today there are Bowspring students all over the world, and regular Bowspring classes are offered in USA, Canada, Japan, the Caribbean, Ireland, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, and now Sweden.

“In the Bowspring method, we use a disciplined practice of mindfulness with precise alignment to enjoy the freedom to move lightly and fluidly without over-effort. The uniform engagement of the Bowspring on all sides of the body brings increased mobility, agility, and power. Through the regular practice of the basic katas of the Bowspring, students experience freedom from chronic pain as old postural patterns are retrained. Furthermore, with less pain and more power to move efficiently through our day, we are freer to enjoy the natural and healthy flow of life force within our mind-bodies. The Bowspring practice becomes a path to long-lasting, sustainable freedom.”

– John Friend, Co-founder of Bowspring